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Types of interpreting
 Types of interpreting online
 Types of interpreting online
 Types of interpreting online
There are two main types of interpreting - consecutive and simultaneous. The following is a brief overview of both species.

Consecutive interpreting is done sequentially after the speaker, rather than simultaneously. That is, the interpreter first listens until the sentence or semantic unit ends, and then says the translated text.
Consecutive interpreting is interpreting, carried out step by step (for proposals or semantic units).
Consecutive interpretation, compared with a synchronous, has several advantages:

• Consecutive interpreting is less costed than simultaneous;
• the possibility of only one consecutive interpreter (in the case of simultaneous interpretation it is desirable at least two specialists);
• ability to work without special equipment;
• ability to interpreting at any object, on the street, in moving, etc.

Consecutive interpretation has some disadvantages, compared with simultaneous interpretation:

• inability to work with multiple languages​​, translation is carried out only in one foreign language;
• the need for additional time - because of the forced stop, the event lasts a little longer.

Simultaneous translation is done by he translator simultaneously with the speaker. That is, pause between spoken words and the translation of the speaker is virtually absent. To perform simultaneous interpreting for an interpreter special equipment and cab (or room). Simultaneous translation is done by two translators at a time (changing every of 20 min), as such a translation requires a considerable strain. Simultaneous interpretation is more complex and expensive service.

This type of translation is performed in an oral form and is perceived by the ear. The most popular in Russia the following areas:

English interpretation
German interpretation
French interpretation
interpretation from Chinese
Italian interpretation
Spanish interpretation

It can be provided an oral technical translation as a separate line of interpretation. Depending on the subjects translators are involved with different education and experience. If you cooperate with foreign experts and companies in the oil development or mining industry, we will provide you with experienced translators.
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