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Advantages and disadvantages of interpretation

The advantages of simultaneous interpretation:

• Easy-to-feed mode of perception of information - this speaker sounds without delay;
• Reducing the time of the participants;
• Participants are not required to listen to the event, if they know the foreign language that the speaker uses.

Disadvantages of interpretation:

• Prices of simultaneous interpretation is much higher in comparison with a consecutive translation, due to a higher level of professional translators and load;
• You must pay the rent of specialized equipment;
• Simultaneous translation requires at least two experts familiar with the subject of the translation;
• There is a possibility of information loss and a lower degree of assimilation

Requirements for simultaneous interpreters.

Besides of a rich vocabulary in both languages, and an excellent knowledge of foreign language, and native language, a good simultaneous inter ... Read more »
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Types of interpreting

There are two main types of interpreting - consecutive and simultaneous. The following is a brief overview of both species.

Consecutive interpreting is done sequentially after the speaker, rather than simultaneously. That is, the interpreter first listens until the sentence or semantic unit ends, and then says the translated text.
Consecutive interpreting is interpreting, carried out step by step (for proposals or semantic units).
Consecutive interpretation, compared with a synchronous, has several advantages:

• Consecutive interpreting is less costed than simultaneous;
• the possibility of only one consecutive interpreter (in the case of simultaneous interpretation it is desirable at least two specialists);
• ability to work without special equipment;
• ability to interpreting at any object, on the street, in moving, etc.

Consecutive interpretation has some disadvantages, compared with simultaneous interpretatio ... Read more »
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Different types of translation

Written medical translation
Translation agency draws to a translation and editing of medical records professionals in medicine, including carriers of foreign languages ​​of the countries that have profound practical and theoretical knowledge, which allows the accurate translation and rule out the possibility of misunderstanding or error.

Written literary translation
Masterly short, fine intuition, understanding of the communicative task of text and features of the target audience, knowledge of the cultural characteristics of the country, shining knowledge of the source and target languages ​​- these are the criteria for translation quality of advertising, journalistic or literary text. By placing an order in our translation agency you will once again make sure that our translators ​​are fully consistent with these criteria. Writing literary translation (also known as literary translation) includes social and journalistic, promotional texts and literary transl ... Read more »
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Written technical translation

Written technical translation is the most technologically sophisticated service. Technical translation is usually done by translators who have specialized education and experience in the subject. That is, qualification of personnel that is involved in the implementation of a written technical translation is higher than simple translator has. Our translation agency translates technical documentation for maintenance and repair of various technical devices and equipment, including automotive, aviation, petroleum, food processing, aerospace and other industries, as well as in computer and Internet technologies. Where not only excellent translator’s work is needed, but an expert in your desired area, it should be preferred the advantages of our agency, which is ready to offer you the services of carefully selected technical experts who have practical experience in the relevant industry, experts in natural, accurate and humanity sciences. On our account - a number of major projects of transl ... Read more »
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Translation services

Our translation agency is the professional agency that provides a full range translation services. We have qualified and experience translators who passed a special screening and specialize in different areas of translations. They know specialized terminology and are able to fully understand the given text. They will carry out high-quality written translation of the text or the translation of websites of any complexity and any subject.

Professional selection of translators for the translation of certain subjects and quality control exercised by professional editors, translators, guarantee us high quality of translation.

An approach of providing of translation services is also important. Our translation agency as the most translation agencies set certain deadlines for providing translation services. Nevertheless we always try to get into the position of our customers and maximize time.

Our agency provides services of written translation from differ ... Read more »
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